Eveleens Workstyles is an expert in design of human work solutions. This bureau develops and improves human performance, especially related to new complex tasks. This bureau offers coaching, guidance and consultancy for individuals, teams and organizations in the area of self management, smart working and work organization.

Clients are often persons with a responsability for work or for working situations. He or she may be a CEO, project leader or self-employed professional. Clients get support in:

  • creating overview in working situations
  • analysing and solving work problems
  • anticipating proactively on the future

Eveleens Workstyles was started in 1999 by Wietske Eveleens (Msc). Her background is new ways of working, office innovation, improvement of working conditions, ergonomic design and industrial design engineering (Technical University Delft, 1983). She has represented the Netherlands in an ISO-workinggroup for 24 years as an expert in ergonomic design of worksystems. The cooperation resulted in ISO 6385:2004, ISO 26800:2011 and ISO/DIS 6385:2014. Also she is an author in the area of working conditions, ergonomic design and new ways of working. She works as an independant and self-employed professional in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Wietske Eveleens.